Nemea in the 21st century

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Nemea is the largest Protective Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) wine area of Greece, spanning almost 30,000 square kilometers of vineyards at an altitude between 320 and 650 meters. With more than 3.500 years of wine production, Nemea is synonymous with hifh quality wines and wine culture. The special region’s terroir  is characterized by a main valley surrounded by mountains and weather conditions ranging from mild cold winters with enough rainfalls, to the warm and relatively dry summer periods, but with several differences between short distances within the PDO Nemea zone. Observing the diversity of microclimate can be discover the different organoleptic result of the wines between vineyard sites, with most impressive of all the uniqueness and importance of each vintage to the character of the legendary wine of Nemea.


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Nemea in the 21st Century


The main occupation of the inhabitants of the region remains unimpeachable over time. Thus, the approximately 10,000 residents of the municipality of Nemea are involved  in majority in viticulture and wine production.

Nowadays the total area of vineyards covering 30,000 acres where grows the noble red variety Agiorgitiko at an altitude of 260-600 meters. Within these areas grows the legendary Agiorgitiko grape which produce PDO Nemea wine . It should be added that the region also grows other Greek and foreign grape varieties with many of them being perfectly harmonized with the fertile soil and the unique microclimate of Nemea.

Crossing the vineyards one sees several wineries, other small and others larger, but each one of them staffed with the efforts of Nemean people leaves its mark on the history of  the wine culture of Greece.